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Dr. Hamawi, M.D. is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine (for adults) and Pediatrics expert. She came from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City and completed her residency training at Albany Medical Center, achieving dual Board certification in 1998.

Recognizing the challenges of modern healthcare, she's chosen to prioritize patients over paperwork and insurance demands. Dr. Hamawi has transitioned to a Direct Primary Care model, ensuring more convenient and frequent interactions with her patients for enhanced well-being.

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Dr. Hamawi's Story

In 2002, she established her private practice in Worcester, MA. For two decades, Dr. Hamawi has devoted her time to providing unhurried, empathetic care to patients of all ages, and her commitment to accessibility and responsiveness extends around the clock.

Join Dr. Hamawi's DPC practice today and discover the benefits of a personalized and attentive approach to your health.

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Kellie Hamilton BSN, RN
Holistic Nutrition Coach

Kellie Hamilton BSN, RN

Evidence-based holistic nutrition coach and the owner of A Better Path to Wellness LLC

Theresa Murphy, IAYT
Accredited Yoga Therapist

Theresa Murphy, IAYT

Expert in yoga therapy, chronic and acute pain management.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a healthcare model where patients pay a flat monthly fee to become members of a DPC practice. This model facilitates a direct financial relationship between patients and their doctors, bypassing insurance and enabling more personalized care. In DPC, doctors provide a range of medical services including preventive, wellness, and chronic disease management.

Watch these: explainer video 1 and explainer video 2.

What are the benefits of Direct Primary Care?

The DPC model provides numerous benefits such as enhanced access to doctors, longer appointment times, same or next-day appointments, and direct communication with healthcare providers. Additionally, many simple diagnostics and procedures may be performed in-office, often at no extra charge. The DPC model emphasizes preventative care and personalized management of chronic conditions.

How much does Direct Primary Care cost?

The pricing for new members is set at $109 USD, with an additional charge of $69 per extra person. The payment process begins only after a friendly video call or an in-person meeting has been conducted to ensure a suitable fit between the healthcare provider and the member. Upon mutual agreement to proceed, the payment is processed, and members are provided with a link to a secure, HIPAA-compliant communication app called Spruce for direct and private conversations with their healthcare provider. Additionally, there's a Family Discount available where the 5th and 6th person are added for free. This model is designed to be more affordable compared to traditional health insurance, aiming to provide a high level of care at a reasonable cost.

Can Direct Primary Care save you money?

DPC can be cost-effective, especially for individuals on multiple medications or those who seek care frequently. Our DPC practice has relationships with local labs and radiology centers for lower cash prices on tests. We are working on relationships with pharmacies for lower prices on commonly used generic medications and provide some injectable medications and antibiotics at no charge in the office. Patients may also save on insurance premiums by switching to high-deductible bronze PPO plans or healthshare plans while enjoying the benefits of DPC membership.

Check out this graph to see how DPC can shave off expenses from your deductible and a HealthShare plan can shave money off your premium even in comparison to the least expensive MA Health Connector Plan.

Listen to Dr. Chad Savage explain the fallacy of insurance and how you can save money with a DPC membership.