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How can I isolate when I have small children?


This is a very good question. It is surely impossible to isolate a sick young child or a sick parent of young children. Here are some things you can do to reduce the risk of transmission:

  • Whoever is sick should wear a mask when they are around other members of the family. Of course, small children will have trouble doing this but then the adult caring for them should wear the mask when they are clsoe.

  • Stay 6 feet away as much as you can. If you must be close then you must definitely have a mask.

  • Everyone should avoid putting hands in eyes, nose and moouth.

  • Wash hands before and after eating and before picking up the children.

  • Wash your countertops, tabletops, door knobs, cabinet knobs, refrigerator handle and other frequently touched surfaces.

  • Open your windows and venitllate the house.

  • Provide a dedicated bathroom to the sick person. If you must share a bathroom, then let the sick person use the bathroom last and then clean it after use and keep all towels in your own bedrooms, away from everyone else's towel.

  • If possible, have the sick person, sleep alone, preferably in a separate room.

  • If you have to use an albuterol nebulizer, please use it alone in a well-ventillated room, away from those who are well as using it can risk aerosolizing the virus. People should avoid that room for 3 hours afterwards and surfaces should be cleaned.

  • If you don't have disinfectant wipes, you can make your own with bleach - 4 Tablespoons of bleach to 1 quart of water - but avoid putting it on cloth items as it will remove the color.

  • The sick person should avoid touching the family pets as they can carry the virus on their fur for some time.

  • Rest assured, little children have not been harmed by this virus, but they can bring the virus to their other relatives. It is better if they are not sent to be cared for by other well adults, especially older adults or those with asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, low immunity or other medical problems. If you can still take care of them, it is best.

  • Finally, everyone as yet uninfected stays home from when the first person became ill until 24 days after the last person in the family started to show their symptoms.